Defuse Polarities By Defining Trigger Words

Hello Dear Ones,

Lately I’ve found myself taking note of all the trigger words that seem to be tossed around a little too carelessly.  There are a handful of them, and because most of us are emotionally charged due to politics, the pandemic, and everyday dramas, there is a lot of assumption going on as we fling trigger words back in response. 

Does this sound familiar to you?  I know I’m not a stranger when it comes to getting heated from 0 to 180 in a 3-second conversation of trigger words.  However, I’ve become much more aware of the repercussions involved as I choose to share particular words.

That’s why I wanted to take a different approach to this mud-slinging craziness and zoom in on what we’re really saying.  It just might surprise you…  

Let’s start with the word “Vak-zeen.”  Notice how changing the letters tends to also change its vibration and effect on your psyche?  It’s a very different feeling than if I were to spell it correctly.  You’ll notice your porcupine quills will retract to a less-potent position when I spell it like this.  

It’s amazing how we can easily find triggers in words which is why people use them for propaganda, marketing, programming, as well as teaching children to follow rules, or anyone really.  When words and ideas are repeated, it takes at least 7 times for us to begin to remember what it is we’re listening to.  Studies have been done just to find out how to keep your eyes on the very screens before you.  But that’s another rabbit hole you can explore yourself.

“Rabbit hole”…..that’s another one, isn’t it?  Tied to… C-O-N-S-P-I-R-A-C-Y.  Let’s look at this word.  Conspiracy.  The online definition is, 

“mid-14c., “a plotting of evil, unlawful design; a combination of persons for an evil purpose,” from Anglo-French conspiracie, Old French conspiracie “conspiracy, plot,” from Latin conspirationem (nominative conspiratio) “agreement, union, unanimity,” noun of action from past-participle stem of conspirare “to agree, unite, plot,” literally “to breathe together””

Check out that last definition: “to breathe together.”  Follow my thinking pattern here…


The common denominator to all of these words is a sharing of information.  It’s the connection from above and below, from within and throughout your environment.  It’s knowledge.  It’s the inhale of insight as well as the exhale of insight.  It’s about finding the spark of light that catalyzes creation and ideas, and life.  In breath, you are informing your tissues to continue functioning.  In seeing beauty, an artist will be inspired to create.  In divine connection, a person will find comfort and insight for their spiritual path.  

Even your DNA, spirals of double helixes, containing vital information for your very existence, spiral and wrap around each other 600 million times inside each of your cells.  One strand of DNA is only 2 yards long and yet it’s approximately 120 times narrower than the smallest wavelength of visible light.  There are approximately 125 billion miles of it in your body at this moment.  That means if we unravel all of the DNA in your body, there’s enough to travel between the Sun and Saturn 70 times.  And in each of your cells, the information contained is comparable to 1,500 encyclopedia volumes.  Think of how many cells you have in your body.

That’s a lot of information!

So let’s take a second look at the word con-spiral-cy.  See what I did there?  Looking back at our history, has there ever been a time when someone has plotted against another for their own benefit?  Were they evil?  I guess it depends on what country, group or President that was involved, right?  What about when Martin Luther King Jr. planned his protest march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama?  Was he evil?  What about your parents when you found out Santa Claus wasn’t real?  Or the Easter Bunny?  Was your trust slightly off-kilter after that?  Were they evil?  No, probably not until you reached 16 years of age and they wouldn’t let you take the car out to go on a date.  Parents can be really evil then.  

Con-spiral-cies will always be there.  And I don’t completely agree with the definition because they will not always have a malicious intent.  Going against the grain is not what people tend to do.  Our natural way of doing things is to go with the flow.  It’s easier.  We get along better with each other when we’re harmonious in our thinking.  And because of our constant exposure to con-spiral-cies, our discernment evolves.  It awakens our relationships with each other, it allows us to define who we are as people.  And so it’s up to us to discern the morality of each con-spiral-cy that comes across our path. 

The last time someone ‘went behind my back’ personally, it had a catalyst effect on my personal growth.  Do we remain the same person if we’re always treated with respect?  No.   

What I don’t agree with is how this ‘evil’ definition of the word conspiracy has been molded, distorted, and re-packaged into a cynical term for individuals who ask questions.  This is far from its true definition.  Questioning is a natural thing and it should be encouraged.  The ability to question all things allows us to grow and evolve.

Words are very important, especially how they’re utilized.  Just like reading the small print at the bottom some contracts, you want to know what words mean and how they’re defined.  If not, you may end up with a timeshare in Costa Rica with all the blackout dates on holiday weekends.

The use of words and how they’re defined can also create many narratives.

For example, someone told me the other day on social media that 99% of the un-vakzeenated are dying in hospitals.  If this were true, let me show you how defining words can make a huge difference…

Let’s say one county decides to define an UN-VAKS-ED person as: 

-an individual who hasn’t received the first or second in0cul@tions 

-a person who’s only received the first but not the second in0cul@tions 

and a person who’s received both the first and second in0cul@tions, the second dose being in0cul@ted for less than 7-days.  

Let’s say the same county defines a VAKS-ED person as:

-an individual who has received both first and second in0cul@ations, the second dose being in0cul@ted for 7-days or longer. 

Now let’s say that a person, like one of my friend’s buddies, died the day after his second in0cul@tion.  By definition, this person was UN-VAKS-ED and it could not be tied to the vak-zeen. This count is not added to the statistics, case closed.  And yet, common sense would look at this situation and see the vak-zeen was clearly a factor in this fatality, especially since he was free from any conditions beforehand.    

Keep in mind, this is just an example.  (My friend’s buddy’s death was real, however.)  If you’d like to know how your county counts vak-zeenated vs. un-vakzeenated, you can give them a call.  Or if you live in Israel, you’ll know that the definition of being fully vakzeenated recently changed. It now means you had the first, second, AND the booster.  Anything less than that, and you’re un-vakzd.

Alright, let’s take a look at the word vak-zeen.  For a while I’ve been trying to get a clear picture of what defines a vak-zeen.  The dictionaries of course have their definitions, but with this topic, I knew there had to be some extra medical guidelines.  Low and behold, I was listening to an interview with a pediatrician by the name of Dr. L@wr3nce P@levsky.  He described his medical training and the process in how a vak-zeen becomes established as an actual vak-zeen.  He mentioned there were five requirements:

“1. The inj3ction must give you antibody immunity to a virus or bacterium.

2.  That antibody must give you protection from that virus or bacterium.

3.  The inj3cti0n must show that it reduces hospitalizations or severe symptoms of the virus or bacterium.

4.  The inj3cti0n must show that it stops you from carrying that virus or bacterium.

5.  The inj3cti0n must show that it stops the transmission of that virus or bacterium from one person to the next.”

Dr. P@levsky then went back to each criteria and said for the first one listed, regarding our C0v vak-zeens, that they do not give antibody immunity.  It may give immunity to the sp!ke protein but it does not give antibody immunity to the virus.  The sp!ke protein is not specific to SARS-C0V2 virus.  The second requirement was not shown in any study.  The third requirement, was again, not studied to determine if this is true, even though they mentioned it “May reduce symptoms.”  The fourth and fifth requirements were also met with no studies to establish their authenticity, and so none of the five criteria were met to determine this was actually a vak-zeen.

I feel you.  Some of your quills have taken an upright position and are ready to spring…

Take a deep breath and keep in mind, I’m only repeating what a seasoned doctor in this field has to say.  Would this be another trigger that you’re experiencing?  If so, is it because I’m telling you something that does not follow what’s repeated elsewhere?

Without cens0rsh!p, we would already be informed of this basic knowledge.  And it’s one of the simplest forms of research…to look up what words mean. 

So what is it that’s being used in these inj3cti0ns?  Well we know that mRNA is a part of it.  And this is why the terms “G3ne Th3rapy,” and “3xperimental Drug” have been used, mainly by its developers.  Never in the history of our vak-zeens has this form of ingredient been actively involved.  Again, these are not my words, these are terms used by medical professionals.

With all the hype going on about what you do or don’t regarding a particular in0cul@tion, how about we take an even closer look at the meanings behind these colorful terms that are being thrown all over our digital airways…

Who do you think an “Anti-Vak-zer” really is?  If you call someone by this adjective, you would have to take in consideration a lot of different individuals.  Here are some potentials:

-one who really is against all vak-zeens

-one who is pro-vak-zeens…just not ‘C0v!D vak-zeens’

-one who has been injured by vak-zeens

-one who knows someone who’s been injured by vak-zeens

-one who’s in the medical field, a fire fighter, a police officer or another first responder who doesn’t agree with these protocols

-one who’s job is at stake unless they get vak-zeenated

-one who got the first dose and had adverse reactions where they don’t feel comfortable taking the second.

…and these are just a few examples.  So an ant-vak-zer is not always who we think they are.  They’re us, with different experiences.  

Let’s take a look at the “Vak-zers.”  What individuals can we say would be in this group?

-one who is pro-vak-zeens

-one who has not experienced any serious adverse reactions from previous vak-zeens

-one who knows others who haven’t experienced serious adverse reactions from vak-zeens

-one who’s job is at stake unless they get vak-zeenated

-one who doesn’t agree with it but wants to be safe

-one who truly believes this is the answer to our problem, and so we don’t have to wear m@sks

-one who wants to see their family again due to peer pressure from particular family members

…and again, these are just a few examples.  So a vak-zer is not always who we think they are.  They’re us, with different experiences.

We cannot judge a person for their choices, however, what we can do is continue to protect our own sovereignty.  That is the one thing we do have control over, even though that is on shaky ground right now.

Even after all you’ve read to this point, you may be thinking how this is a state of emergency and we all need to do our part, regardless what these vak-zeens contain.  And that’s okay too.  

Here’s where it gets tricky…If every m@ndate from here on out is utilized in the name of “3mergency use @uthorization,” how far will you go?  You won’t go very far because you won’t have a choice.  Sources say there are a little less than 90 vak-zeens in production that are planned to be introduced from now till 2030.  If you agree to one mandate, you will have to follow the rest, regardless of your condition and state of health. 

Mind you, vak-zeens do have a purpose and they’ve been around since the fifth century, according to historical medical records. Just keep in mind, according to the definition of a vak-zeen, and many medical professionals and developers who specialize in this area, many do not agree with how the C0v!D vak-zeens are being administered.

The same person who posted about the 99% un-vak-zeenated also mentioned that it’s only a handful of people who’ve had adverse reactions.  If that’s true, then a handful of people is only a handful of people, until it’s YOUR handful of people.  We tend to not care until it happens to us, right?  Kind of like why I’m writing about this Twilight-Zone-of-a-world right now.  We are at a pivotal point in our human-ness.  Which way should it go?  The choice is up to you.

Yes, this topic is very controversial, for certain.  I’m not here to change your minds, nor argue who’s right or wrong.  This discussion…this spiral of information that I choose to breathe with you and share…I feel it’s very important to digest and comprehend.

I continue to encourage the use of compassion in all you do and all your interactions.  I also encourage you to observe, and awaken to your own truth.

…And remember, words have the ability to create perspectives and narratives you couldn’t even imagine.  Use them mindfully.

Shielding all the porcupine quills with the power of compassion,



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Photo credit: Michael Schwarzenberger