A Shamanic Perspective of the Lion & the Sheep

Hello Dear Ones,

In Shamanism, every animal that comes across our path is seen symbolically as a teacher to bring insights for one’s current challenges.  Because of our connection with everything on this planet, I believe we have aspects of all these beautiful teachers within our-Selves as we travel the planes of our own journey.

The lion can teach us about courage, braveness and the importance of protecting the pride as well as getting along with each other.  They teach the young how to defend themselves and to be leaders.

Lions can also teach us about the ego.  If you are a leader, are you willing to lead as a follower?  Imbalanced lion energies can show us the checks and balances in our ability to communicate and our status.  Lion energy can be very humbling if it’s important for you to stay in your own lane.

Sheep energies show warmth, and a peaceful co-existence.  Their spiritual symbolism shows a sense of sacrificing themselves for the greater good.  The ram’s horn grows in a spiral and can represent the cycles of life, death and rebirth.  Their balance is of master quality which is why they can climb the narrowest ledges of cliffs or tree branches.  This also shows great confidence in their steps forward or giant leaps into the unknown…They always keep their footing.

Sheep insights can also show us an imbalance of love.

Sheep insights can also show us an imbalance of love.  Perhaps we care too much about others and drain our own energy levels just to keep the peace?  Sheep energies can teach us how to create boundaries and learn to put our-Selves as a priority.

Many current conversations, especially regarding the polarities of our pandemic, compare a person’s character to either a lion or a sheep.  This defeats the purpose of their symbolic lessons.  To compare the characteristics of two animals, is like comparing the lives of two individuals; there’s no solution. This rating system we’ve developed only continues to divide our people. 

If we continue to shame others and use peer pressure to force others to align with our ideas, it’s not the path of a leader; it’s mindful manipulation, and is in actuality, an imbalance of lion energy.  The truth is, we need both lion and sheep energies to thrive.  We are both.  To demean one is to ignore a different aspect of our-Selves, and fragment these pieces of our authenticity. 

When you acknowledge the shadow and lightness of your-Selves, you truly become whole again.  Are we not human?  Are we not aware of our tactics to get what we want?  The solutions come when we use compassion and make choices that benefit ourselves AND others. 

I encourage you to build bridges with each other.

It saddens me how many families and friends have fallen apart because of political sides and of differences in opinion.  We all have our opinions and perspectives; that will never change.  We may not be able to understand each other’s points of view, however, that is the beauty of our autonomy and UNITY is what we need most of all, right now. 

A severed society cannot create solutions.  A severed society cannot heal.  A severed society will remain in chaos unless we CHOOSE to work together.  Perhaps the lion and sheep know something more than we do when it comes to the importance of community?

I also encourage you to hold onto your beliefs, whatever they may entail.  It is this very sense of self-expression many are fighting for right now.  Our sovereignty is well deserved to every being regardless of our sex, race, income, and background.  Once we are not allowed to share our voices, that’s when problems arise.  So hold on tight to your words.  Use them mindfully.  

In addition to your perspectives, I invite you to “practice the AND.”  Believe in what your heart tells you AND be open to show compassion for others and the unknown.  Each person has a different story to tell.  We cannot fathom what everyone is going through, and there is much that has yet to be revealed, that is for certain.  Father Time has the key to that wisdom.  

Every single one of you can build bridges and transmute chaos into loving change.  All you have to do is make the choice to take that first step.  Put aside who’s ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’  Settle into your heart-center and make those connections.  Believe me, you never know when your last conversation with anyone will be.  Make amends.  Choose peace.  

We are all brothers and sisters of this fantastical planet called Earth.  It’s time to show up.  It’s time to show compassion.  It’s time to stand in your power.  Many of you are realizing the depth of our timeline’s course.  My hope is that we manifest a timeline where justice is served, peace and forgiveness are infused into every heart, and each of us can express gratitude for the sovereignty and celebration of our being-ness.   

And so it is,