The Alchemy Of A Broken Bowl

It was just a few months ago, I had finished the Signal Hill Sound Bath and began the process of packing up.  A lovely woman who attended the bath assisted me, and my crystal singing bowls were properly snugged into their protective cases.  We stacked them in the wagon and she showed a bit of concern for the bowls and hoped they wouldn’t tumble off the side.  I told her it wouldn’t be the first time if a bowl decided to roll off the cart.  Even the few times it did occur, no damage was done.  I appreciated her thoughtfulness and she monitored extra care as we rolled the precious cargo back to my car. 

Once I got home, I again proceeded with my ritual of loading up the wagon with my bowl cases. 

In the garage, I’ve adapted to this one particular step before opening the door to the entryway of the apartment complex. 

I’ve traveled this step a countless number of times, pulling my wagon up or carefully lifting it down, and eventually, it became an automatic dance of maneuvering anything I carried.   

And just like all the times before, I lifted the wagon, each set of wheels fully up the step…one, two…and reached for the door knob.  Within that split second of time, the wagon decided to roll backwards over that step. 

I reacted quickly, grabbed hold of the wagon’s handle but the wagon decided to twist and turn on its side, like a rogue wave forcing a ship to careen.  The top two bowl cases dropped onto the cement and the shatter I heard could only mean the death of a bowl, or two…it wasn’t clear the damage that was done.

I didn’t waste time repacking the wagon and flew up the elevator, back to my sanctuary, to assess what damage was done.  Yes, a bowl was shattered, not the best news for a sound healer, however the good news was it was only one bowl.  But which bowl?  I had seven.  I investigated each case and carefully placed each bowl back on their display shelves.  The empty space that remained was on a particular shelf that housed the heart chakra bowl.  I could feel my chest knot. 

Despite this realization, I kept it surprisingly cool.  I put my feelers out for insight. 


Perhaps an upgrade in heart energy was needed?  It is time to evolve, I’ve had these bowls for years. A vision of the new bowl came to mind: it was smaller, a higher frequency heart chakra bowl, and a true pitch.

Okay universe, I got the message. 

I looked at my shattered friend in the case, shards of glass everywhere within the fibers of wool-like pillows.  This seemed too precious to just throw out.  There had to be a way to salvage my friend, we had played together for almost ten years.  

I reached out to my friend Stephen Woodruff, a glass artist in Long Beach, and he was very willing to take on the part of The Alchemist

We drew hearts on some of the larger pieces of glass and he took them, cut them, and ground the edges with his equipment. 

He’d salvage as many pieces as he could, he assured me. 

Within a month, he surprised me with polished, smooth hearts and smaller stone-like pieces of my heart chakra bowl.  It made my heart dance in delight to see that this bowl was going to continue giving it’s vibration in another way. 

That same day I began to gift those crystal pieces to those who also had connections with this glorious bowl.  I knew it would serve them well. 

Isn’t it funny how happy accidents can create such ripples of transformation? 

Keep On Rippling,