Hello Dear Ones, 

The New Year is in full swing, and there’s much to be excited about and grateful for.  It’s also fascinating how this time of year can mean so many different things to every person.

Some individuals choose to set goals, some decide to save for a trip, while others choose which dessert to indulge, or what diet to participate in.  If there’s one ramification that ripples from the celebrations of the New Year, it has to be regarding choices.  

For me, I didn’t have anything planned.  Sure, I had a whole list of things I wanted to change, but does that really work all at once?  For me, no.  And then I received some family news that later triggered me into thinking about my current state of health and the trail of habits I had developed over the years.  

I drove around town, overly-saturated with concerned thoughts about my family, as I prepared for our New Years celebration.  I stopped at a red-lighted intersection when a very simple and profound question entered my mind… 

“What change would be good for me this year?”

Immediately, I responded with a mental, “No coffee.  No alcohol.”  It was the quickest response, and I caught myself off guard.  When the body knows, it knows…

“What would that look like?”

I visualized the handful of uncomfortable conditions I was currently experiencing, and imagined them slowly dissipating.  With time, this newer me had more organic energy, had more stamina, and radiated a light that could not be mistaken for anything other than a healthier balance.  I could see more of my ideal Self within reach.  I’ve been her before, I can become her again…and even better.

Mind you, I’m not a fan of posh diets and disciplines.  I feel I’ve exhausted those marketing gimmick paths already.  However, by making one simple decision to take out two, really inflammatory catalysts, out of my frequent habits…it’s no miracle cure, it’s common sense. 

Isn’t it strange how we can constantly choose the things that don’t make us feel good out of habit?  We complain and complain about how we feel, and then when someone points out,

“Why don’t you stop (insert here)?” 

Our response:

…the sound of crickets…


All it took was for me to solidify my choice.  And what my decision really means to me, is that I choose to connect with the future Self I want to become.  Sure, we may all be by-products of our past experiences, traumas, dramas and family-tree, but if we truly want change, I’m talking life-changing change, why don’t we honor our past-Selves, sever the ties, and begin to connect with a future Self that gives us hope?  Why keep sludging through frequencies and thought patterns of the past when we could soar through a Renaissance of manifestations?  Thoughts create things.  How often we forget this…  

Why not truly allow our-Selves to have a clean slate?

Once that connection is made, we won’t have to worry about genetics, guilt, blame, age and all those lower ‘programmed’ frequencies that keep us down and in a state of fear.  We can start fresh without worrying how to do it.  The choices will be right there, in every consecutive moment.  

We can choose our way out of illnesses.  We can choose our way out of ‘big’ pants.  We can choose our way out of addictions.  We can choose our way out of negative thought patterns.  We can choose peace within our-Selves as well as with others.  

We can make choices that we’ve never imagined making before, molding our pathway forward, into a higher vibration of love and healing.  A pathway that is only attuned to YOU.

So I leave you to ponder all the wonderful choices ahead of you.  I made mine.  Now it’s your turn, if you haven’t already.  Choose how you wish and may your choices bring you nothing less than health, happiness, and abundance beyond measure!

So Far So Good,