A Deep Discussion

Hello Dear Ones,

Welcome to February. Please click in your seatbelts and place them firmly across your lap, keep your seats in an upright position, and sit back as you enjoy 2023 in a flash!

It’s month two of 2023 and I don’t know about you, but I’m still recovering from January!  I love February.  I do.  However, I’ve decided to insert my twist here, as I often do, because life happens everyday.  When I say “life,” I feel a lot of you already know the complexities of this word right now.  And since there are so many twists and turns that many of you are experiencing yourselves, I believe it’s time to bring in a beacon of light and openly discuss at least one of the challenging topics you may have encountered: cancer.

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine one person not being connected to or affected by someone who has this illness in one form or another. 

“Why bring up cancer during a month that celebrates love?” you may ask.  Well, part of it has to do with a very special person whom I love and adore: my dad.  His bladder tumor was quite a wakeup call for our family in the New Year.  After it was surgically removed last month, we discovered it was malignant so now he is taking the most appropriate steps for his preventative health.  

Another reason to have this discussion is because it’s something I’ve wanted to share for a very long time, ever since I first became a holistic health practitioner in 2012. 

Do you ever wonder what the root cause of cancer is? 

After learning about Dr. Masaru Emoto and his studies with emotions and water, I have developed one theory.  Because our thoughts and emotions can change the molecular structure of water, as well as our DNA, according to Dr. Bruce Lipton…In short, this means our emotions can make water molecules within our cells geometrically sound or geometrically absent depending on the frequency of the emotion. Consequently, our deep seated emotions directly tie into the expression or suppression of cancer cells.  

By indirectly expressing perpetual discord within any cell, for example, replaying thoughts in how you hate something about your-Self, it’s an invitation for the replication of this discord into new cells, and therefore, allowing a slow and continuous growth of this manifestation. Thoughts become things.  And when it comes to cancer, this is even more evident.   

Isn’t it also peculiar that our own body would intentionally fight itself? 

Well, if you’re replaying discorded thoughts saturated in self-loathing or anger, you are already setting the stage for a battle within your immune system.  

Keep in mind, we all have cancer cells that we fight off every day.  The problem occurs when your body can no longer supply the appropriate enzymatic proteins to digest them.  Time can pass by while an itty-bitty mass silently grows, until ten to twenty years later you get checked and the C-bomb is dropped on your lap.  

At that point, another question arises: 

“What will you do with that information?”

Will you succumb to the personal recording of, “Well, I’ve lived a good life,” or will you jump so fast into treatment, by the time you’re losing your hair, you think, “Did I really make the right decision?”  

Dear reader, if you ever receive a diagnosis to this extent, my hope is that you sit with your-Self and first jump inward, taking as much time as you need to formulate a plan that’s customized just for you.  The fear that weaves throughout this topic is overbearingly un-necessary.  It took time, a lot of time, for your cancer to grow into the size it is today.  It will take even more time to continue to grow and spread.  

Keep in mind that I’m not telling you to avoid western medicine.  What I am doing, is encouraging you to take a moment to breathe and choose from the heart, not from fear.  Fear can be a great tool for creating action, however it’s not beneficial when you need to make a clear decision.  Fear easily gets in the way of common sense.  

Instead of losing your-Self in the tsunami of protocols, financial burdens, and your loved ones’ projections of your death and loss, the key is simple: minimize the white noise around you, check within your heart, discover the source that’s feeding the growth, then minimize it. 

My family has experienced many types of cancer.  We’ve also lost a handful of loved ones because of it.  It’s a very hard pill to swallow when it comes to this subject because there’s no definite answer for every case.  

What I have learned over the years is, and this is a big one to remember; you have options.

Even after you receive your unfortunate diagnosis, you have options.

Even after your medical professional gives you the latest clinical studies of chemotherapy and radiation, you have more options.

And if you’ve been given an expiration date…which no one should ever receive in the first place because of the power of suggestion…always remember, you have more options than you could possibly imagine.  

Yes, you, my friend, have options.

First of all, I do not believe cancer is a death sentence.  There’s been a stigma for decades about the very essence of this word, and I have to disagree with how it’s been handled.  

I see it as the body’s way of getting your attention and saying, “Hey!  Finally you’re listening!” 

In Dr. Gabor Maté’s book “When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection,” he discusses some of his research and the personalities of cancer.  He discloses how they can tie into deep reflections of your emotional state…sound familiar?  A person with colon cancer, for example, may have the incapacity to express themselves, and instead, internalize their true feelings.  A person with breast cancer may be overly giving and nurturing, to the point they don’t feel worthy of receiving.  And a person with prostate cancer may feel a constant loneliness and are noticeably co-dependent in their connections.  

Think of yourself, and all those in your circle who have had cancer.  What personalities come to mind that are imbalanced?  Is there a theme?

The late Louise Hay is another individual who went so far as to list common ailments and illnesses and translated their emotional ties.  To see her work and access positive healing affirmations, check out this article HERE… 


Overall, I see cancer as a discord in the body.  Once the discord is recognized, you can choose how to introduce harmony back into your system and neutralize this friction.  

There are many ways to do this whether you choose western medicine or not.  Here are some natural healing options you can explore: 

  • Participate in an herbal/supplemental program like at the Hoxsey Biomedical Clinic.
  • Join a reset program using food as medicine like at the Gerson Institute.
  • Create a natural healing team to help balance all aspects of your wellness: Acupuncture, Reiki, Herbs/Nutrients, Sound healing, Counseling, Somatic Therapy, and/or Hypnotherapy
  • Experiment with all facets of yoga to awaken stagnant energy channels and get your-Self moving and in the flow
  • Begin a discipline of meditation or listen to guided meditations to bring you peace and insight.  Here’s one I created, inspired by my dad that’s now released on Insight Timer…LISTEN HERE
  • Deep dive into your-Self and listen to what calls to you…   

The benefit of cancer is that it can change your life.  The worst thing about cancer is it forces you to change your life.  It shakes you up to the core.  There’s no more hiding.  And the journey down this path, regardless what protocols you choose, will become easier if you look at your-Self from many angles.  Cancer ignites an independent self-study, whether you like it or not.  Even though I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, it can be the greatest gift for personal growth and positive change; if you choose to change.  

Coming Into My Own Peaceful Balance,