My Parking Angel

Hello Dear Ones, 


I have this little thing I do every time I drive out into the world and need to find a parking spot for my car: I’ll ask my “Parking Angel” to find a great spot for me.

Sometimes I’ll mentally ask them, sometimes I’ll verbalize my request, and sometimes I’ll put in a reservation months before the actual date, depending on the urgency. 

especially use this method in situations where I’m going to a busy location and I know for certain that finding a spot is a challenge.  By the time I show up, 85 percent of the time I do get an absolutely great spot.  And when I do, I immediately shout out, “Thank YOU, Parking Angel!” 

I figure for the remainder 15 percent, my parking angel is redirecting/directing traffic in a way that the universe simply says, “Yes, we appreciate your request.  We hear you, but you’re going to have to spend some extra minutes, possibly a half hour, and extra walking in this case.  We got a pregnant lady, a person who just recovered from surgery, a gentleman who’s on his first car jacking, and a child who really needs to use the restroom, well, more so his mom…we need to align things just so.” 

…And so my great spot is forfeited.

Now, is this just a coincidence that I get a good spot because I put my focus on it, or was it just supposed to happen anyway?  I think that depends on your perspective.  I’ll leave that one up to you.

There’s something about synchronicities that really get me and make my heart flutter with excitement.  Oftentimes it happens during an energy session with a client, where all the information I receive and my client receives, comes together in a clickety-clickerson moment of pure bliss.  Other times, it happens in numbers I see like on license plates, on the phone, or the date or time.  Right now I’ve been seeing a lot of 5-5-5’s and 1-2-3’s.  Yeah, sigh, I’m one of those…

I think it’s the validation that life isn’t always black and white and that the space in-between is the good stuff, the stuff where magic happens.  It’s running into a neighbor in a foreign city when you’re on vacation, visiting a different country.  It’s misplacing a concert ticket and then a friend offers a better ticket to the same show.  It’s dropping your bag and running into a person that becomes your future spouse.  Synchronicity = Magical Moments.  

Have you noticed, when you open your eyes to more synchronistic events in your life, that’s where the fun begins?  When you’re aware of them, it’s almost like they take on a life form of their own.  They dial up the volume and you see them everywhere.  And then you realize, maybe reality is malleable.  Maybe we do have some kind of participation or energetic contribution that plays and interacts with our environment. 

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” 
-Wayne Dyer

Are you ready to try it out?  Let’s start easy and have you create your own parking spot attendant.  I call mine my “Parking Angel,” but you can call this being whatever you wish…your parking team, space saver, invisible car…the sky is the limit.  Use your imagination to create a helper that means something to you.  Then, request assistance.  Even if you feel no space is available and it’s not going to work, say the words!  Speak it!  You’ll be surprised how easily this simple request can lead you straight to the parking spot of your dreams. 

Happy Parking,