What is Light Language?

Hello Dear Ones, 


When I think of our use of words and how we communicate, I think about how messy our language really can be.

One word can have countless meanings and interpretations…more-so surpassing the definitions of words in our English dictionaries.  One would think a word means what the word is, right?


What I’ve observed over the years is a word or phrase, regardless of the language it’s spoken in, is actually a hollow container that carries the intention of what is said.  That’s all…

  1. the container, and 
  2. the sounds that transport intentions.  

Whether the intention and the hollow vessel are the same in meaning, that depends on the one who speaks the words.  Oftentimes, they don’t match and so the true meaning gets lost in translation.  Add digital communication to the mix and you are playing a game of chess, trying to find out what a person is saying.

Let’s use the universally known, “I love you,” as an example.

In the column on the left I have the intention, while on the right, I have the words used.


Thank you for doing that for me.                      I love you.

Please take out the garbage.                              I love you.

I really don’t like you right now.                      Love ya.

You are so irritating.                                            ❤

I absolutely adore you.                                        I love you.

I’m trying to be a better person.                        I love you.

Please don’t leave me.                                        I love you.

My kid is more grown up than you.                Love ya.

Can we please stop fighting?                            I love you.

You wanna have some fun?                              I love you.

I’m busy.                                                                ❤

You again?                                                            ❤

You are my PERSON.                                          I LOVE you.

See all the different meanings one phrase can have?  And generally, we say “I love you,” to mean I love you.  

So when I first came across Light Language years ago, I thought to myself, “Wow, this is pretty profound,” but does it really work as a natural healing method?

First, let me interject with what light language is…

The best way I can describe it is if the heart could speak, this would be its language.  It’s a way of tapping into source, or life energy, and transmuting that energy through words and sounds.

Similar to Trance dance or even Tai chi, the vocal chords also dance and play with energy…sounds and frequencies.  It’s a way to exercise your throat and heart chakras and create movement of energies with the sole use of your voice. 

Light language might be compared to ‘speaking in tongues,’ although it isn’t quite the same because when someone speaks in tongues, there’s no intention behind the sounds.  It’s spontaneous.  It’s unpredictable.  It’s an experience for only the person who activates it, and quite a performance for onlookers.

When someone speaks light language, there is a specific purpose and intention acknowledged before anything is said.  And just as we speak words with intentions, light language sounds are spoken to envelope and carry those frequencies of love and wellbeing to either another person or the person who is speaking.

Light language is also information.  In a transmission, spoken or signed, information can be accessed that you typically can’t access during beta state.  The language becomes meditative and flows, while at the same time, the receiver may see images, hear messages, see colors, or feel different sensations.  

Does this sound familiar to other methods you’ve experienced?   

It’s very similar feedback to sound healing and energy work, or Reiki.  The difference is there’s a non-conformative twist.  It doesn’t follow any rules, except to connect with the heart energy. 

I do have to say I’m pretty openminded about different methods, especially when they relate to sound and the way the body expresses itself.  Of all the light language practitioners I’ve encountered, some in-person, some online, and some I followed on social media…what I noticed the most was that Light Language sounded different from person to person.

The bold ones who posted their recordings of light language online transmuted sounds similar to that of French, Egyptian or Indigenous, to clicks, and calls, and even static and humming.  These sounds were ‘familiar’ somehow and it was fascinating to me.  Some expressed it with their hands, like sign language, others spoke it and used their hands at the same time, while others just used their voice.  

I could feel the ones who were really tapped into some great energy because they were in a slight trance/meditative-state.  I could feel it through the screen.  And of course I felt others who just wanted to be different and be in the spotlight too.  That tends to happen with any industry.

With my life dramas at the time, and needing some guidance, I decided to give it a try and sought out the help of Jayme Price in Sedona.  I set up a phone session with her and when we first spoke about my situation, I could feel her get pulled into another state, diving deep into this beautifully transmitted sound of light language.  For thirty minutes she channeled information in this foreign tongue.  At the same time, I observed my-Self and if any shifts or changes occurred.  I felt an extraction of something heavy in the left side of my skull.  I also noticed a peaceful veil settle into my auric field.  By the time she was finished, my entire body vibrated and I could feel the pulse of my circulation warm up all my limbs.  I felt great.  

It was captivating to experience this and I was intrigued about the process.

The real confirmation that the light language created a positive shift for me was when I went to bed that night.  It was the first night in years that I slept the entire night through.  The fear I had previously felt at bedtime didn’t exist anymore.  That, and energetic boundaries were established with my situation.  I could feel that.  

The next step was for me to learn.  

I wanted to be sure these newly established energetic boundaries lasted, so when I got the nudge, I took a workshop with Jayme in March of 2022.  It was exceptional, and I enjoyed meeting other students interested in this craft.  After a few weeks, we completed our online training, and I’ve been working with it ever since, mainly for my-Self.

So how do you integrate a new modality that’s so ‘out there’ into a business that caters to a spectrum of spiritual and non-spiritual individuals?  Don’t ask me, I’ve been trying to figure this out since I first learned this technique.

What I do know is that sound healing complements light language very well.  They are reflections of each other.  In fact, once I was attuned to it, I could feel myself pull into that heart energy more and more, whenever I played my crystal singing bowls.  My voice wanted to transition into a foreign tongue, the challenge was allowing it to do so.  

Now, I already know light language will challenge the critical minds of many.  Shoot, I probably lost a lot of people at ‘crystal bowls,’ and ‘shamanism,’ in past posts, and that’s okay.  It’s important for us to find our own paths, and for many, that does not include the metaphysical or spiritual.  

One of the bravest paths to take is to find yourself and be who you want to be.  It can also be the most rewarding when you reach that point.  Instead of settling with the majority, I will always encourage you to find the grandest level of your-Self, even if it doesn’t resonate with what I do.

I will admit though, when we don’t understand something, like light language, we can perceive it in many ways, oftentimes threatening or comical…And for the hardcore critics out there, if I were in your shoes, I’d probably raise my eyebrows too…watching someone flapping their lips in unfamiliar sounds and words.   

…But if you think about it, many of us do this already with our own language.  We fill space with meaningless sounds, programmed with what we think people want to hear, or, completely avoid what it is we truly want to say. 

I see light language as a new platform for us to work on ourselves…To energetically wipe our verbal slates clean and allow us to start over with words that actually mean something.  That, and possibly encourage our intentions to match our hollow containers, so that all words we choose to share can be authentically resonant in spoken form. 

Perhaps light language is a foreshadow of an advanced way to communicate in our future?  To speak straight from the heart would be healing on so many levels.  Imagine what that could do not only for us, but for our world.

…At least now you know one person to contact if you ever get that curious nudge to experience this very unique natural healing method. 

Flippity Flappering,